“I’m walking away fully blessed by Gods presence and works through each beautiful woman who attended.”

Sandy Jones

“Exactly what I needed.  Amazing to be with women and have great leadership through God.  Loved being at such a loving and giving weekend.”

Kim Obermark

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“God touched me deep on the inside and showed me more than ever that I can do whatever I want to as long as I keep Him first.”

Catherine Bailey

God Chose You

God made you as a leader and,
no doubt, you have led many.
But, what’s missing? 
Is there MORE?


God Chose Glen Eyrie

The presence of God is amazing!
In a beautiful Colorado Springs valley,
God placed incredible beauty.  See more HERE

Unplug and hear God…

In the SERENITY and BEAUTY of the Rocky Mountains

MOVE from the FOOTHILLS of settling to the SUMMIT of thriving

Step into the God-given IMPACT you were DESIGNED for and THRIVE!

Unplug, Focus and Hear God

Connect with Yourself, God and Others

Soak in the beauty all around you!

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