Help women called to lead,
commit to the IMPACT

for which they were created and designed.

One Life to THRIVE
provides intimate retreats, community, and programs for women who lead* and desire to grow their influence according to God’s purpose for their life.

The vision for One Life to THRIVE came in 2010. The vision of “retreats in the mountains” began with intimate women’s retreats in the Ozark Mountains of Missouri. These retreats were held twice a year for 4.5 years when God spoke to a larger vision.

March of 2015 began the journey to host retreats in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. 

10% of all One Life to THRIVE proceeds are reserved for a women’s mentoring program (under development).

Take place in a very serene location providing the greatest opportunity for deep connection with self, God and others.

The location provides a truly “unplugged” environment for women to listen, focus, and plan.   True disconnection from your bustling world is a must.

Glen Eyrie is nestled on eight hundred breathtaking acres in Queen’s Canyon on the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains.  Just minutes from downtown Colorado Springs, but secluded in a world all it’s own.

The serenity of Glen Eyrie is unmatched.  Glen Eyrie provides the perfect setting for connection.  Connection with yourself, God and others.

Retreats begin on a Thursday evening and end on Sunday morning. Just the right amount of time to get real, go deep and move forward as God is leading.

Women who lead often struggle with a desire for authentic community – a supportive team of other like-minded women who can encourage, grow and lift one another up.

The One Life to THRIVE community includes a safe place to share with as much transparency as a woman is ready for.

You will not be left without help!   For those who desire assistance beyond the retreat, the following will be available to you:

–  Mastermind Programs
–  Group Coaching
–  Individual Coaching or Mentoring (limited availability)

* executive / executive directors / those who lead and influence others

Women’s Mentoring Program
Helping women gain life skills, disciplining, and business experience.  10% of all One Life to THRIVE proceeds are reserved to fund this future coming program.














Debbie Luxton is a life and leadership coach*, retreat leader, speaker, and author.  Her passion is to help executive women, women who lead, eliminate their internal struggles and step into the calling for which they were designed.


Debbie is a retired director from a 30 year Fortune 500 career.  She fully understands the pressures of high-achieving, women who lead.  She also understands the discontent that exists when a woman has not found her purpose or is not living in alignment with her God-given life purpose.


Debbie says, “people have always looked to me for leadership in one form or another (even when I didn’t see myself as a leader).  As is the case with most women who lead, I am a “doer.”  This is one of my greatest assets, but it is also one of my greatest weaknesses.


All my “doing” kept me in my busyness and constantly seeking “something more.”  I can look back and see that I was always trying to arrive at a place of fulfillment.  That place where I would find peace and contentment.  I always felt that something was missing, but never stopped long enough to understand that what I was after isn’t a destination.


Even though I had many accomplishments, deep down I had a nagging; a discontentment.  For me, discontentment had several sources.  Eventually, I did slow down and began dealing with each source.  


I realized that underneath it all was a disconnect with who I was at my core and the life purpose I was designed for.  Looking back over my life I can see that I’ve always been “in my true element” when helping others be the best version of themselves; the person they were created to be. 


Once I began walking the path of allowing God to lead where He had always intended for me to go, I found the fulfillment I had been chasing my entire life.


It is my passion and my purpose to help every woman, God has called to lead, do 2 things:

  1. eliminate the struggles that hold her back from a thriving life 
  2. step into the purpose for which she was created – her thriving life!”


Weekly blog article are available at

Debbie’s book, “Choose to THRIVE:  Conquering Your Inner Conflicts” is available on Amazon.


*  Debbie has received her professional life coach training at the Christian Coaching Institute (CCI) (2010-2011).  She does continuing education through the Professional Christian Coaching Institute (PCCI).   She is a John C. Maxwell Team Founding Member and Certified Leadership Coach. 


Debbie serves as the President for the National Association of Professional Women, St. Louis Chapter.


Debbie and her husband have served as the ministry leaders for their local Celebrate Recovery since 2006.


They are proud parents of 5, proud grandparents of 10, and proud great-grandparents of 1.  Their beloved family dog, Buster, is now 17 years old!

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