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Debbie Luxton

THRIVE Mentor and Life Coach

Written by a Woman Power Leader

for Women Leaders. 

Choose to Thrive is for high-achieving, strong-willed women who quietly bury their inner conflicts and struggles very deep.  Have you been experiencing discontentment, loneliness, feeling you're behind a mask, or self-sabotage?

Choosing to thrive isn't about any instant cure, it's encouragement to realize you're not alone--and that 'truly tough inner conflicts' can be conquered.  It provides you the strength to make those hard, but necessary life changes.

Debbie is able to successfully guide the power-acheiver towards healthy boundaries, because she was you at one time.  Being on the inside of the 'executive mask', she helps you see past the surface of your personal struggles to the realization of 'that' truth.

Pinpoint and Conquer
Your Inner Conflicts
Chapter by Chapter...


How Many Can You Relate To?

The resistance you feel when facing the need to change.

Debbie discovered that high-powered
 women generally relate to 11 different struggles.  Then, chapter by chapter, she helps you learn to conquer these inner conflicts.


Having the mindset that you are the only dependable one in relationships.

That feeling of never being satisfied with achievements and seeking more.

The unreasonably high standard that you hold yourself and others to.


The challenge to forgive and trust others and/or yourself.

Neglecting your foundational needs of physical spiritual and emotional health.

You believe that everyone depends on you and that you cannot ask for help.

Wearing a Mask

The masks you wear to hide yourselves so the world doesn't discover you.



The belief that you must constantly prove yourself to others and the world.



Poor Boundaries

You believe in justification of decisions, actions, and other behaviors.

The struggle to put healthy boundaries around you and your resources.



Reading one book, no matter how fantastic it is, won't change anyone overnight.  Real change happens step by step.

Which is why Debbie has provided you the tools to conquer your inner conflicts!

A 27 Page Companion Journal and Reminder Cards











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Although Debbie has a mountain of titles, accomplishments and awards, you'll find that her greatest credential is discovering her God-given area of impact.

Her area of impact is her ability to lead other women through their conflicts and inner struggles with empathy.

And it is her empathy and wisdom that resonates with high achievers, in such a powerful manner, that it impacts their lives--FOREVER.


Retiring from 30 years of leadership in Fortune 500 companies, Debbie uses her talents to host woman's retreats, expand local charities like Celebrate Recovery Ministry, and serves on the Board of Directors for the St. Louis Chapter of the National Association of Professional Women.

Her passion and vision is to help women all over the world to find healthy boundaries and their God-given area of impact as they learn how to CHOOSE to THRIVE.

Learn to quiet the inner struggles of the high-achieving woman and say to yourself...

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