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In her transparent and take-action style, Debbie hits 11 primary areas that keep high-achieving women from living the thriving life God created and designed them

“Choose to THRIVE” offers encouragement and helps the reader identify with the truth that deep down most women, especially those called to lead, share in common struggles. Debbie discusses the struggles of: loneliness,insecurities, masks, perfection and more.

You won’t be left hanging! Debbie believes in action.

You will find at the conclusion of each chapter, self-awareness questions (you have to dig a little!) and helpful tips as you choose to live a thriving life.

In her transparent and take-action style, Debbie hits 11 primary areas that keep high-achieving women from living the thriving life God created and designed them
Debbie Luxton is a professionally trained life and leadership coach. She is a founding partner, and is certified, with the John Maxwell Team. Debbie has been leading women’s retreats since 2010. She is the author of “Serenity” and “Authentic Influence;” retreat studies for women. Her forthcoming women’s retreat study, “One Thing Leads to Another” will be released early May 2017.


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Dearest Debbie, thank you for unashamedly sharing your struggles and successes to help us cast off burdens and live our lives to the fullest. Your warm, honest, compassionate, and encouraging message will uplift the women who read this remarkable book. I love your proclamation: “Thriving isn’t about more pressure; it’s about an honest walk with God that takes us to incredible heights as high-achieving women.”

Let’s walk that walk together, ladies. We’re not meant to travel our journeys alone. Debbie, I’m honored to walk that walk with you!


Jory H. Fisher, JD, PCC

Certified Master Christian Coach Certified Business Coach & Startup Expert, Jory Fisher & Associates, Inc.

There were several things that really touched me in “Choose to THRIVE”.  Debbie’s honesty in sharing her personal struggles because it can be hard to be honest with ourselves.  Debbie talks about living by our own values and not the values of others, the importance of having a grateful heart, embracing authentic community to overcome our loneliness and the importance of self-care to bring about the transformation we are in need of.

Just like my garden…if I want my plants to Thrive I must give them care.  I must be aware of the temperature, water, humidity, nourishment, pests, etc.  Why would we think that we as people would be any different?

I highly recommend this book to all women.

Celeste Davis

Your God-Made-Health-Mentor, The Wellness Workshop

As a Business Consultant, I have seen firsthand the type of wonder woman Debbie is describing.  And super women like these, aren’t easy people to reach; but Debbie has this grab your hand, ‘I’ve-been-there’ manner that invites and calms the female independent nature.  It’s fun to listen to her real and raw life experiences as she weaves the power of spirit, motivation, and remedies into her teachings.  Her fervor and love for the woman suffering in this role is genuine and life-changing.

Lisa Frederickson

Consultant & Coach, Focus 7 Consulting

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