You were designed to make an IMPACT!


“Life purpose” is something we hear about all the time.  There is definitely no shortage of resources to help you discover your life purpose.  We, at One Life to THRIVE, will help you discover and gain clarity on your life purpose as well. 

The truth is, you can’t stop there.  We will also help you take it to true action through further clarification of your vision, mission, goals. 

We will help you stay the course by establishing the necessary boundaries and accountability every person requires.


Perhaps you have done the work to understand your purpose, but something is holding you back from embracing and stepping whole-heartedly into your purpose. 

Here are some facts to consider:

  • You were created for a specific purpose.
  • You have skills and abilities that support that purpose.
  • You have a passion inside you that aligns with your purpose.
  • You will live with a longing until you seek to fulfill your purpose.

The commonly stated facts that “life isn’t getting any shorter” and “we are not promised tomorrow” are absolutely true. 

Your leadership, your influence, is needed NOW to make the IMPACTful difference you were created for.


Stepping into your God-given purpose isn’t easy!  Even the strongest of women struggle with conflicting thoughts, responsibilities, and inner conflicts.

When you have:

  • clarity of purpose and a solid vision,
  • genuine encouragement to keep those limiting beliefs at bay,
  • and continual support through community,

it makes all the difference.


It’s time!  Settle for nothing less than the royal purpose God designed you for.



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