Schedule Overview

  • Welcome reception and Dinner Thursday evening
  • Friday and Saturday include free time, teaching & discussion, optional activities
  • Sunday breakfast and closing session

What others are saying about Debbie’s Retreats

“I feel I have gained the courage to make long over do changes.  God has used this time to reveal to me.
I’m ready to work on becoming the woman he wants me to be.
So thankful God brought me to this retreat. I feel this is a turning point in my life.
Thank you so much, Debbie, I really feel I’m ready to let healing in my life.”


Education Professional

On the retreats that I have gone on – I have been biblically taught about different areas in my Christian walk. How to enhance them, how to strengthen them, how to correct them and more. The main principle being grounded in God and His love. I will continue to attend the retreats because Debbie is not only an excellent coach and, her material is excellent, but Debbie herself strives toward being a faithful servant of God, a true child of God and a Godly influence.



I’ve attended two of Debbie’s retreats and both times God’s presence was definitely felt. You could see His hand at work in each of the participants. To anyone who is thinking of attending I would say go with an open heart and mind. Put aside any doubts, insecurities or fears and let God do a work in you that will leave you in awe. I believe that He orchestrates every part of these retreats and you will go home with tools that you can put to use in your life right away. Debbie has such a heart for helping other women and it shows in everything she does.

One particular issue about this retreat that may make us women uncomfortable is the possibility of rooming with someone you don’t know. I chose to let Debbie pick my roommate for me and is was clear from the beginning that this was not her choice, it was God’s. I carpooled with a lady I had never met before and when we got to the retreat we found out that we would also be rooming together. We hit it off right away. We had a lot in common and talked the whole way to the retreat. During the retreat we got to know each other even better and are now friends outside of the retreat. Sometimes, God allows us to be put into situations that make us uncomfortable but these are exactly the times that He grows us the most.

I’m so grateful for Debbie’s heart and for these retreats. I will definitely go again and would recommend them to everyone. I promise you will experience God in a very real and awe-inspiring way!!   Thanks, Debbie. 


Medical Professional

Retreats Include:

– Retreat study workbook and action plans

– Teaching and Guided Discussion

– 3 Nights Premier Lodging

– All Meals (Dinner Thur/Fri/Sat, Breakfast Fri/Sat/Sun, Lunch Fri/Sat – gluten free available upon request)

– Special retreat gift bag

– Accountability beyond the retreat

– 10% discount on future retreats (when used within a year)

– Many special and personal touches

Questions and Answers
Do I have to pay in full or can I make payments?



Retreats can be paid for in any of the following increments:

  • Full payment – paid upon registration
  • Payment Plan – pay 1/2 down payment at time of registration.  Pay remaining 1/2 with a 10% processing fee (on the balance) by April 1, 2018.
  • Down Payment – pay $125.00 down payment at time of registration.  Pay remaining balance with a 10% processing fee (on the balance) by April 1, 2018.
  • NOTE:  down payments are non-refundable.


Will I be sitting in sessions all day?


No! This is truly a retreat and not a conference style event.

There will be time for praying, meditating and working on your own.  Time to meet and talk with others.  Time to take a walk or just relax.  Free time is yours to use as you desire.

Is confidentiality honored?


We do our best to create an environment of trust.  We will set the expectations of confidentiality when the retreat starts and within the materials.  Each attendee will be asked to honor confidentiality.

It is our sincere intention that each woman is comfortable to share as she is led.


Why should I choose this retreat when I can probably find on one closer to where I live?


Many retreats may not include a setting that allows you to truly unplug.  Getting unplugged (away from home your home and work environments) is key to maximizing the benefits of attending a retreat in the first place.

The extra resources put into travel will provide you the mental freedom to set your busy world aside for the weekend.

The serenity of this location is incredible (much more than the pictures can possibly portray).

The presence of God is amazing at Glen Eyrie.  And, the One Life to THRIVE retreats occur here at His direction.

Whether it’s 10, 100 or 1000 miles away, retreats can provide the “offsite” down time needed to truly relax, focus, listen and learn; the location itself makes all the difference.  Personal change is optimized when you choose to really  “get away.”

What if I would like to extend my stay in Colorado?

There are lots of great things to see and do in Colorado Springs and the surrounding areas.

With your registration, you will receive helpful information of things to do in the surrounding areas to make planning a longer trip easier.

Where is Glen Eyrie? What airport is near?

Glen Eyrie is located outside of Colorado Springs, CO.

Glen Eyrie Conference Center
3820 N 30th Street
Colorado Springs, CO 80904

Airports Nearby:

17 miles: Colorado Springs, CO (COS / KCOS) Colorado Springs Airport
57 miles: Pueblo, CO (PUB / KPUB) Pueblo Memorial Airport
86 miles: Denver, CO (DEN / KDEN) Denver International Airport

What will happen after I register?


You will receive a series of emails that include:

  • a confirmation and welcome message
  • an ebook with helpful travel tips, things to bring and directions to the Glen Eyrie Retreat and Conference Center
  • for ladies sharing space from different cities/states, you will receive contact information (with your permission) in order to connect before the retreat
  • a pre-retreat assignment that will be helpful to complete prior to the retreat
  • a waiver of liability and photo permission agreement to be signed
  • encouragement to help you get in the retreat mode!


Is there work to be completed before attending the retreat?



Yes.  In order to maximize our time together and your time in this amazing location (the time flies by!), you will receive “pre-retreat” work one month prior to the retreat giving you plenty of time to be ready.

Is this pre-retreat work required?  No, it isn’t.  Just like anything in life, we get out of it what we put into it.


Will there ride sharing from the airport(s)?


We ask that each attendee provide us with their travel arrangements with us.  With this, we will keep a list of travel arrangements and watch for opportunities for ladies to ride share.

What if I have to cancel my registration?



Down payments are non-refundable due to limitations on availability and other costs incurred when you register.
Additionally, your down payment holds your spot and that space is then made unavailable to other women.

For any other payments you have made:
– cancellations before March 4, 2018, will be provided a 50% refund (minus your down payment)
– cancellations between March 4, 2018, and April 4 will be provided a 25% refund (minus your down payment)
– no refunds will be provided on or after April 4, 2018.

We want to be as flexible as possible.  Please understand, when you register you are holding a spot in the retreat.  This means there are women who may have to be turned away.  Due to added administrative costs and the potential loss, we simply cannot make full refunds.


Why? I attend conferences / retreats and it's the ||same old thing|| when I get home.



Herein lies the problem!  Women who lead are busy people with high demands on their time.

We get it!  At One Life to THRIVE, it is NOT our desire to just “sell” you products and services.  It is our heartfelt desire to be on the journey of your thriving life with you!

Conferences are excellent for getting a start on making life changes. Unfortunately, the excitement and the heart movement that occurs during a conference often stays at the conference or doesn’t last long beyond the conference.

We will do our best, but you do have to participate.  We can’t do it for you; no one can.

Do the pre-retreat assignment.
During the retreat, do the work and build relationships.
Post-retreat, stay connected, engaged and let us help you with your action and accountability plans.

Optional:  take part in the One Life to THRIVE Community in an advisory or leadership role.

I live in the area. Do I have to stay at Glen Eyrie?


We do not accommodate commuter retreat attendees at this time.

There is an incredible bonding that takes place, not just during the daily free time, but even more so during the evenings.  This opportunity would not be the same for a woman leaving each day.

Additionally, there would be a complete loss of unplugging from home and work.  The ability to focus, listen to God and be deeply moved would be difficult as you work through the retreat materials.


What if I have more questions that are not answered here?



Contact us directly!  We want to answer all of your questions or concerns.  Please send us an email to
We will respond to your email within 24 hours.


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